Sunday, 8 January 2012


I do like Mondays. Mondays are very much about swimming in our household. TJ started his swimming lessons today and JT has moved up into the "big" group ( at the deep end). I also get to have my sessions as we started back this evening after the Xmas break. I really do enjoy these "Elite training" sessions as they are named, Mrs D and I did have a giggle initially when we thought of ourselves as elite!! There are certainly some amazing swimmers within the sessions and we are appropriately put into lanes of ability. I am hovering around the middle section right now, but learnt an awful lot over the first term and look forward to my session weekly.
It also works perfectly into my marathon training. My long runs will almost always be a Sunday, therefore a Monday swim helps to give my legs a lovely non-impact workout. Just what a sports masseur would prescribe!

Tonight's session was a great start. 1600m freestyle, with 50m and 100m intervals thrown in after a warm up and cool down. We were also given some help with our strokes, mine was to reach further out before bringing my arm back in, giving me more power from the front. We did 200m pulls and 200m kicking. Kicking is not mt forte but I have to say I have improved immensely since attending these sessions.

A great way to end a Monday evening, I always sleep so well on a Monday night - I wonder why??!!!

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