Tuesday, 29 November 2011


My marathon has been picked and registered for.
Training plan is set and already in the process of.
The final piece of the jigsaw was to find a cause that I could raise money for.

That final piece has been found and I am pleased to announce that I will be running for The Blurt Foundation. I first heard of them via Twitter and was so impressed with what they are doing that I felt I wanted to help them. They provide a mentor scheme via their website for those affected depression and they work tirelessly to tackle the stigma of depression.
They need funds to cover the costs of the CRB checks, volunteer training and to help develop their schools programme.

Jayne Hardy is the force behind it, alongside her husband Dom. It all started with a blog post on www.beachbumbeautyblog.com and the rest as they say is history. Not only do they sound like an amazing couple with a fantastic vision but they are also a young, local organisation.

I look forward to being able to raise as much money as I can over the course of the next 5 months for this very worthwhile organisation. If you would like to sponsor me and have a paypal account, you can pay the money in online at www.blurtitout.org. Otherwise I will be out and about with my sponsor forms so look out for me!!!
Thank you.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I've been charity shop shopping again!! Returned with arms like an orangutan from finding almost TOO much great stuff. Highlights were a guitar (for my dad) and a dinosaur track with vehicles, dinosaurs, bridges etc for my youngest.
That's what I love about pre-loved items, they get a chance to be loved all over again by us!

In this case my father will undoubtably strum away many an hour whilst he makes his way along the canals and waterways of Britain. My son I will build, dismantle, rebuild and dismantle the dinosaur trail for countless days, with plenty of friends for the next year or two.
The guitar has been well loved by the looks of it but is amazingly in tune. My eldest had his guitar lesson earlier, I asked his teacher to give me his thoughts on my find. He picked it up and made THE MOST AMAZING SOUND with it. I was so pleased, my dad is going to be stoked. Status Quo only used a few chords in the noise songs they produced so my dad will be well on his way soon once he masters those 2 chords!!

To summarise, the girl did good at the shops today.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


I am shaken and have been stirred into action today. I have finally made my mind up I HAVE TO DO A MARATHON BEFORE I'M 40!!! It's in capitals as I have had it banging around in my head for too long now. It is now down on paper so no messing with my head anymore!!!

The date 6 May 2012, the venue North Dorset. A small marathon (400 entrants max) which is 1 lap, scenic and as flat as can be expected. Has amazing reviews on RW, so here's to some long runs in the coming months.

Here I will document the highs and lows I encounter and hope to enjoy what for me is now a personal mission. Join me on the ride? Great, see you soon.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


There are days that come slapping you in the face with reminders of how lucky you are. Today is one of those days. Awoke in usual semi-grumpy frame of mind not least because I had to forfeit my first run since the 10K last night due to Mr T having a monster pile of work to get done. I'm glad to say the day just got better from there.
Both boys are at their educational centres of choice and I have the day ahead.

My first appointment this morning was with my sister in law for a reflexology treatment. I qualified in reflexology 11 years ago and was working on a part time basis until TJ arrived and we moved. Here I have no "nice space" for me to work from home at the moment and very much offer treatments to friends on a non payment basis. They do have to put up with the chair being placed within the boys playroom (tidied) of course! But I have had no complaints thus far - as if they would dare!

I forget how much practising reflexology chills me out. Even though I am working, it is a very fluid treatment and as I am always using my skills it is second nature to me and I float away into my own little world as well as the person in the chair. I know my sister in law went away very chilled and stress free so I am happy.  The chair sounds a little clinical, it is actually the most wonderful chair in the world. It enhances the feeling of total relaxation as it enables me to tilt the chair and for the feet to be raised. Putting your feet up never felt so good. Sheer bliss.

Part 1 of a chilled out day - achieved.

Part 2 looked a little something like this:

This helped me to gallop along the road to achieve a fast 4 mile run - felt alive and tingly after the run.

Home. Lunch. 6 music on.

As you can see the day looks good so far......

Sunday, 6 November 2011

PB = Painful battle!

6th November was the date, Plymouth 10K race was the event. It had been in the diary for a while now and as it was the first ever Plymouth 10K, I was very much looking forward to it.
Myself, Mrs www.daytodavis.co.uk and Mrs C (my friend and my pilates teacher) had decided that the 8.15am start would mean one thing, a night away in a hotel in Plymouth so as to avoid a 1 and a half hour journey on the morning of the race. A great excuse for a girlie 24 hours away.
We booked into the Future Inn, just on the outskirts of Plymouth at around 6pm on the evening before the race. We booked a table in the restaurant to ensure we carb loaded, which we did in fine form with the help of a chargrilled chicken burger and fries, mmmmmmmmmm.

During our conversations over the meal, we discussed the element of pain that you experience whilst running a race. Well, I must admit that I really had never pushed myself to the point of pain in a race before and have always found myself giving myself a bit of an easy ride. It was rather like a light bulb moment for me, I think I just expected to be comfortable in my runs no matter what. Don't get me wrong, I give myself a push and look at my pace regularly, incorporate technical sessions such as speedwork and hills to push my body to become stronger. I have never got to the point of "pain" in a race before and this got me thinking. What could I achieve if I gave myself permission to feel a little pain.
Well the answer was a PB!!
My sleep that night was sporadic to say the least, I had a lot to get nervous about. I was going to experience pain tomorrow and knew I would have to dig deep to get through it. Nervous but ultimately excited!!

The morning came, we gave ourselves time to have breakfast and made our way down to the city centre to meet up with Lenny, a friend from way back who was also running. It was a cold, crisp morning which was a beautiful way to start the day, the potential for the sunshiny day ahead was already apparent. We took the short walk over to the start area, where we deposited our baggage in the Guildhall and then took the opportunity to warm up with a short run around the start area.
We had the inaugural photo:
We also met up with fellow Bude Rats runners, Jo and Tina. These lovely ladies were with Mrs D and myself when we were leaders of the Bude Womens Running Network and had since joined the Rats when the WRN went into receivership.

1200 runners lined up at the start line at 8.15am and Katherine Endacott (GB sprinter based in Plymouth) started the race. The first section was a loop back, which I have to say doesn't do much for my motivation. With my new found need to push myself to the max, funnily enough the second loop back hardly registered and I was just concentrating on keeping up the pace I had maintained throughout. Throughout the course there were friends encouraging their club mates, people running together and marshals who were giving us support. At one point I saw Tina and Jo, was great to give them a wave, Mrs D was close by within the race and Mrs C was ahead after about the 2k mark. As our finishing times prove, Mrs D and I were only seconds apart, she is my role model when it comes to running as her attitude is so positive, she pushes herself to perform to her best and has such a healthy attitude to the sport. Was great to see Lenny and Mrs C at the end as well, cheering us in. Mrs C time was 49.25 Lenny came in at 46.48, my time was 52.13 and Mrs D was 52.16.
Jo and Tina came in at 1.03.57 and 1.06.17. Suffice to say we were all very happy with our times.
Yes, there was pain, but ultimately I beat my last 10K PB by 3 minutes.

As I was constantly being assured by Mrs C and Mrs D over our evening meal the night before, "pain is just weakness leaving the body"!

Does it look like I had been in pain - hint check out that red face!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Myself and Mr T have been looking through the photos of the Exmoor Beast which Mr participated in on Sunday. I am so very proud of him, not least for completing the 100 mile distance, but for all the training he put in from day one.
It all started in the Pyrenees and ended up on Exmoor. Whilst we were travelling through France, he got to ride some amazing Cols and a new level of excitement for his riding was born. He immediately entered himself into the Exmoor Beast on our return and training got underway.

He was shattered on Sunday evening but amazingly refreshed after a good night's sleep, with very few aches or pains. Shows what training does to prepare your mind and body for endurance events.
Here he is:
Mr T

Tonight we have been looking at events that we could both enter, with trepidation on my part I might add!!! Cycling is still not a discipline I am wholeheartedly confident in, since most times I have been out I have managed to fall off, being unable to get my SPD's unclipped in time before my body reached the tarmac! The only answer, training, training and more training.
Looks like we are set on the Lands End 100 in October 2012, my distance being 100km, Mr will be doing the 100 mile route. Sounds like an amazing route as far as reviews go. Entry opens on 3rd Jan 2012 so have popped it in the diary to ensure I enter.
Here's to staying on the bike...........

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


My winter training is looking somewhat different than last year, mainly due to the addition of 2 new elements: cycling and swimming.

This time last year, I was unable to swim front crawl for toffee, seriously!! I had NEVER mastered the breathing technique needed to successfully get myself from one end of the pool to another without a) taking in way too much pool water than is healthy b) breathing like I am taking my last breath.

Needless to say if I was to master this freestyle swimming malarkey I needed some help.
This help came in the form of my lovely niece who I hasten to add is an amazingly competent swimmer, swimming in county championships but most importantly a patient and very thorough teacher. She went through the basic techniques with me, breathing, position of body, arm stroke, etc over a period of 2 sessions. Before long I felt much more confident and was able to manage around 50m without stopping before a short break. Phew, I was getting there!! Thanks Amber x
As if by magic, around the same time as my first achievements in the pool, my local running and triathlon club, www.buderats.co.uk were sorting out their winter swimming training sessions again. BONUS! I put myself down as being interested in taking an 11 week course of swimming sessions through the club, starting in September this would give another discipline to work towards over the winter months.
All I can say is that I AM LOVING IT. We are certainly not being given an easy ride, we are ramping up to 2000m a session at the moment, but I feel I am getting stronger and ever so slightly faster as I go through the weeks
Last nights session looked a little something like this:
Warm up: 400m F/C ( 16 lengths)
Main session: 6 x 100m F/C with 20 secs rest between reps
200m kicking
7 x 50m F/C all done within a minute
Warm down: 200m pull and 200m drill
I come away feeling shattered - in a very good way!

This fits into my week perfectly:
Monday: Swim for 1 hour with RATS
Tuesday: Run for an hour with RATS
Wednesday: Turbo train on bike for an hour or an hour in the pool
Thursday: Technical / speedwork session with RATS (1 hour)
Friday: Early morning swim then Pilates (1 hour)
Saturday/Sunday: Long run or bike ride outside

Am loving the variety this gives me and am feeling stronger for it, winter training never looked so good.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Since completing my last half marathon, shamed to say that was a whole7 months ago, I have suffered with a mild form of plantar fasciitis. After seeing my sports masseur soon after the event it was evident through an hour of kneading areas deep enough to produce noises (from myself) that I hadn't heard for at least 4 years. Note my second child was born 4 years ago - you get the connection now?

My soleus muscle was my initial cause for concern when booking my appointment, the tightness in my lower calf was noticeable and annoyingly annoying. It always fascinates me how the human body compensates for injuries that appear in one area of the body initially, the body wanting a constant state of equilibrium will strive to keep the body in a state of homeostasis. This often leads to related injuries/tension within other areas of the body. Hence the transfer of pain from the soleus to the foot over time in the disguise of plantar fasciitis.

Every night When I remember I used my purple spiky massage balls to help alleviate the niggle in my foot that the PF brings. The reason my cross training took on more of a precedence was largely due to the need for me to rest the feet more and enable my body to make it's way back to it's equilibrium.
So far I am finding my 2 days of running is enough for me to cover my training for the 10K's I am doing recently and to keep my PF in check. Those purple balls of loveliness are great company to my feet whilst enjoying a wonderful new series of The Fades on BBC3, if you haven't seen it, make yourself! It's more than a little scary but in a really good way??!! The 2 main characters, Paul (Iain De Caestecker) and Mac (Daniel Kaluuya) are brilliantly cast. Unfortunately the end of the series was last week but I am fairly convinced by the way we were left wondering about Paul's ascension status among various sub plots within this series, that we have not seen the end of this series. If creator Jack Thorne reads this (!) please can we have more? Many thanks.

Ooh, did I just go off on a tangent there, well that's the power of The Fades for you. Basically whilst doing various menial tasks at home I can incorporate the healing of my PB inflicted feet. Hoorah for the purple balls!!