Friday, 13 January 2012


Friday's are my pilates day when my core gets a fantastic leap back into life, although I have to say since going off road more my core muscles are feeling it more!!

We have an hours session where my glutes and core are worked with quality over quantity being the aim of the session. I come away feeling strong from the inside out.

Tonight I am enhancing my core workout with an evening of pizza and alcohol, no I know not the best thing but a much needed catch up with "the ladies" is called for. We may well be having a viewing of Bridesmaids, which I have seen, but am happy to watch again as thought it was brilliant.

The only other thing to say about today is that I got the most lovely card and book from Mrs D for no other reason than she is delightful.
Don't you just love the book - my 7 year old read it after tea and said "that is a really good book mummy, there are lots of them in the series. I think we should get them all!" I think we may be hard pushed JT but what a lovely thought.

Thank you Mrs D!!
Wishing you all a wonderful Friday 13th!!!

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