Thursday, 12 January 2012


After the epic mud run of yesterday, my ITB is a little tender to put it mildly. Going downstairs ensures that I look like I have aged 20 years, say no more.

Tonight I took to my turbo trainer for a spin session to ensure I was not going to do too much damage to an already painful ITB. Whilst buying black trail socks for my mud runs ( my white socks are white no longer!), I also purchased a foam roller as I am sure this will not be the first time that an area of my lower half will need to have acquaintance with such a piece of equipment. Therefore to keep my legs working with less impact I went to greet my bike.

iPod on and a cadence workout set, I was working my way through the rear cog with 10 mins at each cog working my way towards the smaller one. Once my cycle computer is set up I will be able to see exactly what my cadence is doing but for now I use a rhythm in my head and check my cadence every now and again by counting the reps.

Tonight my heart rate monitor came along for the ride and was showing me a time of 50min 22secs with 446 calories burnt. Average heart rate was 146 with maximum at 161. It was a sweaty affair but then when is it not when it comes to turbo training.

I will keep this short and sweet as I have a date with my book now, it is an amazingly compelling read Forgetting Zoe by Ray Robinson. Unfortunately I have no idea how some people can read whilst spinning but it gives me an excuse to snuggle down for what is left of the evening and become engrossed in my book.

Good night.

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