Saturday, 7 January 2012


After a lovely excruciating sports massage yesterday, my quads were feeling slightly tender to put it particularly mildly. Today was going to be a "bare minimum, just for Janathon"run as I wanted to keep the legs as fresh as I could for my long run tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first long run of my marathon training, have done a few longish ones in the last few months, but am so excited about having started my marathon plan that I don't want to jeopardise my first one with fatigued legs.

Today was a short one around a very familiar route for me, The one I always use if I want a short, slightly challenging one. As I live in N Cornwall, you are hard pushed to find a 4 mile route with anything other than at least one hill in. This route has the killer West Street in - a mile of ever increasing elevation- which in days gone by I would walk up and feel that it would have been impossible.

This morning I went half way up and then walked the rest of the route, so a 3.5 mile run was followed by a 0.5 mile walk back home. I was feeling slightly tired as I hadn't had breakfast before leaving, also those quivering quads were going to be saved for tomorrow. The run did however give me a chance to run of some of the aches and pains a sports massage can bring out. My quads feel refreshed now and after a good night's sleep I will be energised to take on my run tomorrow.

I have also been looking at me nutrition in the last couple of days, I'm happy with my gels, etc that I take whilst running the distances but it is my day to day intake of balanced nutrition that I am working on. I find I do not eat enough protein once I ramp my training up a gear, so this is being looked at before it becomes an issue.
I absolutely LOVE eggs so they are a great source and my lunch of choice is a bagel with mayonnaise, avocado and sardines on top, sardines being a great protein provider as well as giving me some much needed omega 3.

I will see what tomorrow brings but am very much looking forward to getting my iPod on (downloaded the podcasts of The Moth - recommended by Mrs D, of course!) and getting some lovely miles in.

The protein pack ready for action!

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  1. Have a great run tomorrow and mind those killer eggs ;)