Friday, 6 January 2012


Today was a day of taking it down a notch or 2 as I had a wonderful maintenance sports massage booked straight after the school run and intended on ensuring I got the most from it by taking it easier today.
The morning turned out to be surprisingly different to the mornings I have experienced so far in 2012, meaning there was no howling wind and no driving rain. Perfect.

TJ was only at pre school in the morning today so I planned to get out for a walk with him after pick up and take the Geomate with us to find another cache. Mrs D and her little Ms D joined us for our hunt. We took ourselves out to a lovely little church only 3 miles away, which I am ashamed to say I had NEVER visited before. Why is it that places closest to you are often overlooked when you travel miles to see others treasures??
Can safely say, WE FOUND THE TREASURE and I managed to log a mile of walking. I definitely made the most of the massage and made sure I was active without busting a gut.
On our way to precious!

Our starting point

Logging our find
This weekend is set to be a good running one as my legs feel revitalised and I have also got another addition to the family who will help me get out there.
My Brooks Ravenna's have re-produced!!! Another set of these babies arrived in the post this morning, with all the mud runs and mileage I am hoping to clock up soon I like to alternate between my shoes. I have in the past gone for different trainers to switch between but my Ravenna's have been such a hit that I am sticking with them.

My little "treasures"
All set for an active weekend of running, am really looking forward to it. Although I will have to make room for Mr T  (@TrewinDesign) to get out there on his bike. We will be juggling training plans soon as he is training for the Cornwall Tor 100 mile sportive challenge in April. A busy couple of months in this household I foresee.

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