Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Yesterday started in a truly gorgeous fashion. Sunshine, a day with my boy and no plans. I needed to catch up on some PTA duties that I had left over the weekend and needed to get back on to, that was the morning pretty much taken care of. The sun was pouring into the lounge where I was beavering away on the computer. It was calling us.
TJ and I decided it was just too nice to stay put so hatched a plan that involved a beach walk and lunch at Rosie's. We needed some company so what better company than in the form of Mrs D and her gorgeous Ol Bol. They duly accepted our invite, Mrs D was catching up with accounts, so no wonder she wanted a swift exit!!
The beach only had a handful of people on it and just a few surfers braving the water. TJ was happy building a fort for his Toy Story army soldiers to protect and I was taking in the beauty of where we live. Mr T had reliably informed me that morning that it was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, this almost made me rebel instantly. I have been known to suffer from what I can only think is SAD at this time of the year and Mr T has had to bear the consequences! Since I found running I have found that this time of the year is much easier to bear and with days like today it was hard not to be anything but happy.

There have been events happening recently to some very good friends that bring everything back into perspective. My friend's 3 year old twin fell out of a bedroom window on Christmas Day morning, with major injuries to his skull. He arrived home on Thursday last week and has done amazingly well. He had a fractured skull and was sedated for nearly 2 weeks before he could stay awake without the pressure in his brain becoming too high to be safe. In the last week of his stay in hospital his progress came on in leaps and bounds, a few words were said, his memory seemed to be intact, there was no paralysis within any part of his body.
I have to say since hearing about the incident on Boxing Day, I have thought of them constantly, getting updates via text regularly. Christmas was just not as joyful until we heard on New Year's Eve that all appeared to be going the right way. I am pleased to say he is doing so well and is enjoying being home with his family and his beloved Thomas the Tank Engine!!

The beach looked a little something like this:

The beach to ourselves.

After the children had had their fun and Mrs D and I had put the world to rights, we headed off to Rosie's, where you can get a very fine burger and chips I'll have you know. As Monday is the day of swimming in our household I knew I wasn't going to get a chance to cook a meal this evening so that was my excuse to pig out at lunch.

The boys both enjoyed their swimming lessons and are doing well in their stages. JT has a most wonderful technique in the water and TJ has great confidence which is so lovely to see.

It was my swimming night tonight which consisted of 50m, 100m and 200m drills as well as drills of kicking. This is when my blood runs cold!! My kicking is nothing short of atrocious, I pretty much slow to a snail's pace when I am just kicking, I need to rectify this as once arms are included I am not a slow swimmer, therefore my feeling is if I get my kicking technique then that will only strengthen my swimming. If anyone out there has any suggestions I would love to hear how I can improve!!

Our 2000m session left me feeling strong and with a sense of having pushed myself, with room for improvement with the kicking. So all in all a great day.

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