Wednesday, 4 January 2012


After yesterday's epic reunion with the North Cornish breeze, I decided today's Janathon activity would take me to the pool. I was feeling the effects of 3 days consistent running with plenty of hills within those few days, therefore the pool was the perfect option to help give my muscles a non impact day.

Got in to an extremely warm pool, most people were commenting on it being like a bath. Not ideal when you want to do some moderately, hard workout. To add to this there were only 2 lanes instead of 3 meaning more people to manoevre around. Was looking like it might be a short session, thought I would just go for a quick 800m session.

As I got into my stroke and into a rhythm, the other 4 swimmers and myself abided by the etiquette that comes with lane swimming and made way for those that needed to pass. It made for a very smooth session of freestyle swimming, so much so that I wanted to make sure I went for 1600m instead of the initial 800m.

Felt good as do my legs, another club run tomorrow evening is on the cards now.....

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