Sunday, 9 September 2012


Who know's. This blog has been very much a measure of my activity with regards my running and training. It has been some time since I have felt I have been able to write anything constructive and fresh about that subject.
After the marathon in May , I really felt the need to pull away from the weekly training runs and spend some more time with my family. Although there was never a time when it felt like i was sacrificing time with them - I would often take myself off early to be back before they noticed- I did want to have Sunday mornings and Saturday evenings not being consumed by my next long run.

I enjoyed the break from running and had entered an adventure race in St Mawes to give a little variety to the training. It was a welcome relief to include kayaking to our usual Wednesday mud runs. I found a new lease of life and started to get out on my bike more as well as getting to know Bude Canal fairly well on kayaking sessions.
I then decided as I had enjoyed the variety of the adventure race so much that I would enter the Bideford Triathlon set for 8th July 2012. I had become stronger on the bike and had kept my running fitness up enough to see me through the sprint distance race, no amount of swimming in the gorgeous Bude Sea Pool had prepared me for the hideous state of the River Torridge swim that we did!! The amount of water that the SW had received in rainfall in the weeks before the Tri was incredible, thus making the river a debris filled brown expanse of water. I have to say I was petrified when waiting to enter the water that morning.
I did it and did it in a time I was proud of 1:36:27 to be precise.

What I hadn't banked on was the swiftness of what was to take up my time and energy for the forthcoming months. My new baby..........

No, no my baby making days are well and truly over, my 2 boys give me much to be grateful for but I also know how much I can give to them and another one thrown into the mix would be messy to say the least!!! No, my new baby is my new business. It feels very much like a newborn has entered the house though. The time I spend with my business does take me away from enjoying sofa time with Mr T, it does make me have to say No to friend's invitations and it does make me make use of the grandparent's more, but I LOVE it.
I will introduce you to my amazing distraction -

My great friend, Avril @ei8htdesign and myself have gone into business together and have created a fun and vibrant digital marketing and PR company. Come and connect with us on Twitter @TheWireCornwall, like our Facebook page The Wire, N Cornwall or check out our blog at if you so choose!!
It has been an amazing couple of months with much interest around the business as well as many late nights and early mornings getting our business set up. There are many more of these to follow, we are a new business and I intend to give it all my care and attention. I also intend to keep a balance between my passion for my work and reviving my passion for the sport that gives me some quality time and peace, running. The connections I have made through the sports I do have also helped to engage our business in the accounts it already has, a wide network of friends and connections are made when you partake in a sport with like minded people. Just another great reason for me to continue.
Only last week, I was on the regular Wednesday mud run, when a member was asking about what we did. I proceeded to tell them about what The Wire offered and was told to expect an email in the next couple of days detailing the services they required!!! And boom, another proposal to get out.

I do enjoy all aspects of my work but know that for the health and sometimes wealth of my business, it is essential for me to keep on running and enjoying the social side as well as the time I have with my own thoughts when I take myself off on a solo run.

I hope to be back more often than of late to detail more of the running side of this maid's weekly activities, so see you very soon............