Sunday, 15 January 2012


Last night after arriving home at a fairly reasonable time, before the van turned into a pumpkin, I felt ready for my long run - 11 miles was on the cards today. Picked my route which took me down country lanes, the beach and then along the canal with a few inclines along the way!!!
What a wonderful day for a run, it was crisp out so utilised my base layer as well as a long sleeved tee, gloves and nutrition at the ready.
This was a view from a climb early on in the run, looking right over to my final destination.
What a view

Taking me into Bude I chose a route which took me over the downs in order to make sure I took in the sea, it was beautiful, several surfers and even some paddle surfers were out this morning. I just had to stop again to take a photo. This is the stuff that makes running so emotive for me, it's when you really know you are alive. Your body is tingling with the endorphins pulsing through you and at this point I always feel like I could run forever. The brain then returns some level of sanity and says something different!!

Overlooking Barrel Rock
Needless to say I didn't run forever, I did however feel strong throughout and felt really comfortable. I arrived once again at the swimming pool to meet my family and then decided to have a wonderfully chilled day. A day of the children drawing, playing out ad generally enjoying some home time.
Food is always a great motivation to have a long run and today was no exception. A lovely chicken, apple and cider dish with roast potatoes & veg were on the menu, so too was Nigella's delicious Chocolate and Pear Pudding. Isn't this what all Sunday's should look like?? In my book it couldn't really get much better.


  1. Sounds like a great run, lovely pics too :-)

  2. Thank you, it is beautiful right now. Sunshine and clear skies all the way please!! :)