Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today was a day that was planned to take in an 11 mile bike ride, that turned into a day that involved catching a 30 minute turbo training session before heading out for the evening to a party at a friend's house.
It was purely down to the fact that I was stood in a freezing cold children's theme park for near on 3 hours, where I could barely feel my toes that halted the attempt at cycling home - roughly 11 miles. I had my bike and all the kit in the van ready to do just that, but I felt so cold that I couldn't imagine getting changed and then heading off down the A39 in the chill that was yesterday.

The guilt, oh the guilt, it kept hammering away inside my head for the rest of the day. Not another failed attempt at Janathon it was saying in a somewhat sarcastic tone. I had to stop this voice inside my head. The turbo trainer was my only way out, it was inside, easy to access and allowed me to participate in a 30 minute session before showering and heading out.

I wanted to make this one count as it was a short one, so ended up doing 5 min warm up then 3 min climbing with 2 min spin x 4 then 5 min cool down.

I suddenly felt the voice leave me and a halo suddenly appeared, I felt virtuous. To top it all I had a wonderful evening, catching up with some lovely friends and generally feeling full of the joys of...winter. Tomorrow was my long run, so I didn't drink and felt ever more virtuous once awake and ready for the day 15 attempt.

To be continued....

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