Wednesday, 11 January 2012


.....squealing, laughing, talking, cursing, you name it it was probably happening in those there hills and valleys!!

Day 11 of Janathon went rather well after the blip yesterday. The aforementioned lodgers will be getting iradicated tonight and will have a second zapping in a weeks time. So that is getting sorted.

Today was another day of mud, mud, glorious mud. Several of our club members are running the infamous Grizzly race in the next couple of months, hence the regular mud runs taking precedence now. They are slowly increasing in mileage for all those doing Grizzly. I decided to take myself on the mud run today as I am really enjoying being out on the softer ground and the camaraderie is wonderful. There are all levels of runners doing these runs so it is a fantastic way to run with people you don't always often see in the normal Tuesday and Thursday night club runs.

Today, we met at the viewpoint at Millook. Millook is a 1 in 3 hill which is hard enough to get your car up let alone run!! This is also part of the route for the Cornwall Tor in April, which Mr T (@TrewinDesign) did last year and has entered again this year. Just this section of road leaves me breathless, he then takes on a further 99 miles of elevations on top of this one - so proud of him.

Back to our run, we started our descent from Millook weaving our way through valleys and tracks towards Crackington Haven. There were plenty of vantage points for me to stop - only to take photos you realise - and I made the most of those points. Mrs F who organises these runs always carries enough sweets for everyone and we have various points within the run where there is a natural sweet stop! Now you are getting more of an idea as to why I LOVE these runs! ;) No speed records were broken today but there were plenty of laughs and the sun shone, yippeeeee!!

Overlooking coast line

Millook Haven

The result!

There must have been about 12 of us out and about on the coast paths and trails today and it really makes you appreciate what we have on our doorstep. I know that if you had told me 3 years ago that I would be doing this I would have told you that you had mistaken me for someone else. Today I even surprised myself with how much I was looking forward to this run, it also helps that Mrs D, Avril (@eightsmd) and Janine (@landscapinglife) were there ensuring a great time was had by all.

To top it all off I have been reliably informed that we did around 8 miles instead of my Garmin's total of 6, I did forget to switch it back on at various points along the route where we stopped and waited, enjoyed a jelly sweet or just generally nattered. Hoorah, I did even more than I logged. That will account for the legs feeling somewhat tired tonight, sleep will come easily this evening I think zzzzzzzzzzz

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