Friday, 28 January 2011

Welcome to my world!

Well, here goes. This is virgin territory for me. I have been viewing some wonderfully inspiring blogs for a year or so now and felt I needed to be a part of this world. Many of these blogs have inspired me, with new patterns to try or new training schedules to master that PB in my next half marathon. So after much stalling, I now introduce myself.
This is my life through a visual aid!
My boys are Toy Story crazy right now after the big FC delivered various characters on the morning of 25th December, and Mr T and I stumbled upon this avalache of toys one Saturday morning. What patience and utter attention to detail this took, all the green army men are positioned appropriately ( for a 6 and 3 year old, anyhow!), the main characters dominate the scene and the stage is set!

Another window into my world:
Lego plays a huge part in my life right now - namely picking R2D2's arm out of the hoover or ensuring Indiana Jones' hair gets put on the sideboard before said hoover swallows it whole - traumatic for a 3 year old I hasten to add. The simple things in life, hey?!
Well, that was painless, good to meet you and catch up again soon.