Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I didn't think I was capable of failing on both plans this evening. I failed particularly easily it has to be said. Plan A was a club run with the RATS, which then change to Plan B once I had decided that the mud run tomorrow was going to be a goodie. Plan B was a turbo training session on the bike this evening. Once the children were in bed I would head down to the depths of the garage where the oasis of the Pyrenees awaits ( in my head obviously). I do love to imagine myself on those beautiful, French roads which Mr T had many wonderful sessions on whilst in France/Spain over the summer. If I try hard enough I can imagine climbing those Cols whilst listening to my iPod. This song especially brings back memories of our time away in the van last August.

I digressed. Basically JT was scratching his head incessantly this evening, so I was checking his head for the dreaded critters and yes, there was one of the blighters. Hence my evening consisted of removing bedlinen, putting on clean linen. Washing, conditioning and sectioning JT's hair to ensure I had at least taken most of the little buggers out. Let's face it 7 year old's are not known for their ability to sit still for any length of time, let alone a good 30 minutes or so that it takes to ensure a whole head of hair has been vacated.

I was then, inevitably, itching and scratching my own head. Mr T then spent another 30 mins or so checking my head, I then checked his in return!!! We looked like a pair of gorillas  grooming, thank god the Tesco delivery guy had already delivered our groceries otherwise he would have had something to tell his colleagues at the end of his shift.

I have failed today with the activities of choice, I have however walked at least a mile. The school run is always walked, TJ and I walked to Music Train from where we parked the car and again the school run this afternoon was walked. So I guess there has been a level of activity but nothing compared to what I had planned. Hey ho, at least we will be nit free. Still scratching....bet you are now too!!!! Sorry ;)


  1. Hehe, best laid plans and all that! Great and funny blog post :)

  2. Thanks so much, have to say that today has been a far better day all round! Hope you are getting all that you need to do this week done. Good to see you are still posting on your blog.

    Enjoy the rest of the day :)