Post Marathon Report

Just found this post marathon report that I had never posted. Re-reading it again I wish to post it!!

I won't even begin to excuse my long absence from my blog, suffice to say I have been doing "stuff!" Couldn't tell you exactly what that stuff consistented of, in part it has been marathon training for my first marathon in May, enjoying the world of Twitter - a little too much sometimes, mud running around the North Cornish coast as well as helping my two sons weave their way through school, homework, etc.

Nice to be back though.
The marathon went amazingly well, training was pretty much as scheduled apart from a 2 week break for a calf injury, the day came, the weather was perfect and I finished in a time of 4:07. Happy, happy, happy.

My glamorous support crew

To be perfectly honest I was surprised by how ready the training had made me, granted it wasn't a walk in the park but I kept my hydration & nutrition in check all the way round, walking through all the water stations - a tip taken from @sarahcurtis12 - ensured I didn't miss a chance to take on food & hydrate. My support crew - @TrewinDesign @ei8htdesign @thedaytodavis, Claire & my 2 boys were the best reason to get to the next mile and beyond. Knowing they were moving with me, I believe they cheered me a total of 4 times in 4 different locations was so motivational, I would come round a bend or over a hill to find the very familiar sight of waving arms and haribo handouts. A wonderful sight for any marathon runner!!

Through my 2 week break for injury, I took to my bike and visited the pool. This I believe started my dabble into how the different disciplines could help me keep my fitness without aggrevating my injury. More on that later.

Enjoyed the build up to the marathon immensely, mud runs each week helped my strength training. I was attending weekly pilates classes which I really believe helped me come away from the marathon with only a few aches & pains and the ability to walk the next day ( slightly more sedately than usual but walking nevertheless!) The support from my friends (runners & non runners) was amazing. The wonderful @thedaytodavis made me the most memorable T shirt, I cried when she presented it to me at my last mud run before the big day.

Coming across the finish line to hug my husband, my boys and my friends was as emotional as I had expected. When Claire placed my very personal trophy in my hand I couldn't quite take it all in. Every step along a marathon journey builds on top of the next, makes you question what it means to tackle this, strengthens your confidence in what you and your body can achieve and gives you a chance to reflect on how very blessed you are to be able to do this.

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