Friday, 4 March 2011


Yesterday was World Book Day and I spent a very sunny morning enjoying a trawl through the charity shops in Holsworthy before getting my grocery shopping. Rarely do I come home empty handed after a trip to this lovely market town and yesterday was no different. I managed to grab a set of 10 books by authors including Michael Morpurgo for JT and a folder of Disney audio books for the boys whilst we amble along in the van. Costing me a total of £4, I felt joyous.  JT devoured the books the minute I presented them to him, firstly looking at each one in turn and choosing his first one within 5 minutes. He proceeded to inform me each time he had read a chapter and as I type he is on Chapter 5 of a 7 chapter book.
He is becoming very passionate about reading.  We were talking about the fact that some councils are closing their libraries the other day and his response really took me by surprise – he was outraged. He stated how unfair it was and wanted to know who was closing them and how he “hated them” for doing so. He has now decided (in his infinite wisdom that a 6 year old possesses) that he wants the other prime minister back and this one has to go!!!!
I must admit I share his outrage regarding the closures of libraries alongside  the general consensus that the arts, literature and education are surplus to requirements in certain areas and are the domain of only those with the means to hunt them out or pay for them. I am happy to report that we still have our local library although it will be closing one day a week as of mid April.
Alongside World Book Day the Guardian have launched a children’s book website which I know JT will want to be registered to – on the home page it has a Harry Potter Quiz – they know how to get the kid’s interested!!  It encourages children to review books as well as encourages siblings to read to each other. I know that the boys would love this concept and am surprised to report that I don’t believe that has happened in our household so far. I am guessing that will change shortly!!  
Audio books are also a great hit in our house and we very often have some playing in the van on various journeys we take. A recent favourite has been a David Henry Wilson book called Please Keep Off The Dinosaur. Jeremy James is the main character and takes an hilarious trip to London with his father, where they see all the sights, Houses of Parliament, etc. Great pronunciations by Jeremy, Poly Tishuns ( politicians) and Pry Monster ( prime minister) make JT, TJ and myself laugh out loud.  I’m thinking that we will need to take another of his audio books out of the library when this one goes back.

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