Monday, 14 March 2011


Mr T and I awoke to a particularly sunny, blue sky day on Sunday morning and the first thing that came into my mind was to go for a bike ride with my man. We very rarely get chance to go out together and after purchasing my road bike back in the Autumn of 2010, I had only done a handful of miles on it before snow and ice set in.
This was a perfect day to get out and I needed Mr T with me as I had purchased SPD’s for the bike and as yet had not ridden with them on – I envisaged me failing to get the clips out making a very forceful union with the tarmac and needed the reassurance that there was someone at hand to laugh at help me.
That decided upon we then had to call Gran T to see if she was able to have the boys for an hour at such short notice. Hallelujah for grandparents who give us this time, only an hour, but what a great hour it was. Mr T and I started along the canal where it gave me time to get used to the shoes and familiarise myself again with my bike, turned off to Marhamchurch up a nice climb, over to Box’s Shop then back to Bude through Widemouth Bay, again a steep climb but we were rewarded with some of the best coastal views.
On our short ride we saw many people out running, walking and generally embracing the gorgeous weather. Really does lift the spirits when all is bright and crisp and shining, a great start to a Sunday.
My cross training consists of a Wednesday morning session at Fusion Fitness with Katie and our wonderful trainer David. David has endured / enjoyed many months of our regular sessions and with that has come tantrums (me), injuries (Katie and myself), laughter ( all 3 of us), and above all a real improvement in our running and fitness levels.
Only recently has it become apparent how these weekly sessions with David have ultimately enabled me to reach a sub 2 half marathon. He focuses the training around our goals, sessions such as “All about legs” and “Psycho”come to mind as I am typing this – I wonder why!!!?
I will ultimately want to get out on my bike more as the lighter mornings and evenings are making their mark, alongside some rides with Mr T at the weekends and will work this into my training for the spring / summer. With a few duathlons and triathlons being held near by, it may come in handy if I decide to attempt my first event. Alongside my gym sessions and cycling complementing my running, I plan to stay injury free this year.

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