Monday, 14 March 2011


That is how it feels right now to be in a conversation with my 6 year old son!! It feels like he is making a lot of demands and doing very little to help with the feeling of me wanting to do things for him or even with him. I have always enjoyed JT’s company and he really is a wonderfully engaging boy, although that one seems to be in hiding right now and a new JT has surfaced making his presence felt forcefully. Away with you, bring back the other JT!!!
At times like these, I go back to my books. I admit that I haven’t resorted to “the books” for some time now, but this feels like the time when I need them!! These books are Raising Boys by Stephen Biddulph and How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. I have ascertained from Raising Boys that JT may be starting his “learning to be male” stage. Well, if learning to be male consists of calling his mother a moron and insisting that I know nothing and he has all the answers then yeh he is! I am so very aware of our responsibility to help these boys become happy and well-balanced men but right now it feels like an uphill struggle with JT.
Taking a quote from Biddulph’s book, between the ages of 6 – 14 years, “A boy knows that he is turning into a man. He has to download the software from an available male to complete his development.” Biddulph touches on the subject that I seem to be dealing with at present, “Don’t be deterred if your son acts “cool” as he has learned to do at school. Persist and you will find a laughing, playful boy just under the surface.”
One request that I have been able to grant JT is that his best friend can come over for a sleepover. This happened on Saturday night and was the highlight of the week I think for JT. He was literally watching the clock for the time when Hayley brought Jamie round and we had got the supplies in. Popcorn, Haribo Starmix and some home baked chocolate chip buns. The evening took a very mellow route by way of the boys having a play when Jamie first arrived to putting a DVD on, The Goonies, a very well received film at that, thanks Hayley. Popcorn, hot chocolate, haribo and buns eaten, bed time was imminent. Teeth cleaned, PJ’s on and after 15 minutes of chatting in bed together they were firmly in the land of nod by 10.15pm. A perfect way to spend a Saturday evening when you are a 6 year old boy having quality time with your all time bestest friend. Mr T and I really enjoyed seeing the 2 of them enjoying each other’s company and my laughing, playful boy was illuminated very clearly that evening.
I think he will need some help downloading the correct software at some points, we may have a few viruses to deal with over the coming years, but I know that the male role models he is surrounded by will help steer him in the right direction, eventually!!!!

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  1. I must admit when I was hosting the first sleepover, I am not sure who had the most fun. JT & J being the particpants or me being the observer - It was a very close call!! Such lovely boys, such a lovely friendship, such a lovely feeling. Roll on sleepover no.3 Worden Style xxx