Monday, 14 March 2011


As posted previously, Amber had her second weekend at the swimming County Championships. Again she came away with a gold and silver medal, upon hearing that she had won the gold she asked “how?” and then proceeded to say to her mum, “Don’t tell anyone!” Modesty at it’s extreme, me thinks. I am so very pleased for her and am absolutely in awe of her ability at such a young age. The main celebration here is that she is enjoying it and that is ultimately what you want anyone at this age to do within sport.
A sports teacher at our local comprehensive school was running with us at WRN on Tuesday evening last week and shocked me with what she had to say regarding young women and sport within schools these days. A lot of young girls are shying away from participating in sport at school level, due to many issues including how their hair goes frizzy during sport. It is becoming a very real problem within schools, where some have resorted to supplying hair straighteners in the girls changing rooms in order for them to “redo” their look after. Sign of the times I guess. Just glad I didn’t have that to worry about on top of being a normal teenager.  When I came in from cross country there was more to worry about than frizzy hair, my main concerns were how I was going to walk home with legs that felt like lead or how I was going to wash the tonne of mud off myself with the dribble that came out of the girls showers!!! Those were the days. No Frizz Ease or hair straighteners for me, as photos of my teen years will demonstrate – shame I can’t find any to post right now, isn’t it!!!?

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