Friday, 11 March 2011


Yesterday saw the 2 boys jumping around with excitement before school as Craig was coming for tea! Craig is Mike’s son who has acquired celebrity status in our household for a) building an Indiana Jones Lego set with JT 2 years ago at Christmas and b) living in London.
Craig is visiting for a week and as with most week’s this one is as busy as the other’s, but we managed to get an afternoon where he could visit and stay for something to eat. As soon as he entered the house it could only have been minutes before he was sitting with the children at the dining table with the Play Doh making Halloween figures. That lasted all of half an hour before he was relegated to the “football pitch”, a flat bit of the garden where he was instructed to play against Amber and JT. Craig was 10 – 4 down when I left to go to WRN by the time I returned I had been informed that Amber and JT won by a whisker, score 19 – 18. Well done Craig for a great comeback.
Craig has a fascinating job where he is a freelance recording engineer working with celebrities within the arts and entertainment business. Wonderful to hear the people he has worked with, he is presently working with Derren Brown on his latest book, now you see him, now you don’t!
Off out tonight with the Bradworthy ladies so here’s to a few G &T’s being sunk.  Been a funny kind of a week. Hectic and manic, lots of hormones flying around, mainly 6 year old boy’s but also 38 year old female ones as well, a strange mix to say the least. Thank goodness it’s Friday

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