Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Each year around the world, IWD is celebrated on March 8. Hundreds of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark economic, political and social achievements of women. Without even being aware of it, I have already participated in one such event, the Women’s Running Network Exeter Half Marathon was one such event that has taken place to mark the 100th anniversary. It is documented that 10 years ago in the UK there were a handful of events in the UK. The list this year looks vast and wide ranging, encouraging signs.
I became aware of it through reading an article in the Guardian a few weekends ago, being of interest to me I then went onto the IWD website to have a look at possible events in my area www.internationalwomensday.com. That’s when I came across the WRN event which I took part in on 19th February and was excited to see so many hundred’s of events listed throughout March.
So make a difference, think globally, act locally, is a slogan used within the IWD website and I really do believe that the more our communities encourage and celebrate women’s achievements on a local level, the more rich and diverse we become from this.
Locally I know many women who are nurturing this way of thinking, many of them being mothers, like myself. A group of mother’s who helps to man the toy library to enable the members of the community to borrow toys to help educate and develop their children, a mother who develops her music business to encourage pre schoolers to have a love of music and use their natural development with sound, a group of mothers who set up an art club within a local church, a group of women who enjoy keeping fit through running within a social, encouraging environment. The list goes on and these are just what my friends achieve.
Bude Area Toy Library, Music Train, S.M.A.R.T club @ Bradworthy, Bude Women’s Running Network.
So today I am celebrating the way women have enriched my life in so many ways. From my first manager, Gerry Cunliffe, who gave me the encouragement and knowledge as a trainee manager to go out there and love a job I did for 11 years. To a district manager, Louise Pettener, who knew how to support a very nervous new manager and encouraged her to achieve things she never thought she could do, by taking her out of her comfort zone. To the friend’s I have who are studying to realise their goals after having their children, who are setting up their own businesses, who are making hard decisions about the relationships in their life, who are supporting other friends to achieve things they never thought possible.
All these women and more help to educate and encourage future generations to know the difference between real role models and those that grace some of the magazines that hit the newsagent shelves. I don’t have daughter’s but I know that if I did I would want to be encouraging a future that is safe, rewarding and equal.


  1. Here here! Brilliant and inspiring post Lara, not to mention beautifully written. Xx

  2. Wow.You are 1 inspirational young lady x