Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Sunday morning started with a very early wake up call as I had decided I was entering in WRN Exeter Half Marathon and I needed to register before 8.30am – ahhhhh!!! I had only decided to run this race on the Thursday evening therefore an early registration was necessary for us late arrivals.
Picked Katie up at 6.45AM and talked all the way there, poor Katie, I talk non stop when nervous and I was nervous. No matter how many races I enter I think I will always find the run up to the race nerve wracking, not sure why but guessing it’s a good thing as it really did make me push myself.  My main goal was to beat my PB at a half which was 2:05. Ideally I had a time of 2 hours in mind and I knew I was fit enough to do it but sometimes my head just stops me in my tracks and says “No you can’t” – wish it wouldn’t do that!
This time I had a pep talk the night before from my Mr Motivator – Mr T. He is very supportive of my running and really helps when my motivation is somewhat lacking.  I had his words in my head when I reached the 11 mile mark and I knew that a sub 2 was in sight. I surged forward, battling through sodden trainers, with rain dripping from my cap and a keen wind to race towards the finish line at 13.1 miles. I saw Katie in front and knew I wasn’t far behind her and just kept running at 8.45 min/mile for the last 2 miles. I finished with 1:58:55 on the Garmin and was totally thrilled. Not only had I recorded a PB but it was over 6 minutes faster than my last one. Crossing the finish line to 2 firemen giving you a celebratory kiss, handing you 2 lovely bunches of daffs as well as a medal, bottle of water and a BIG BAG of Maltesers made it all worth while.
So very happy J

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  1. WELL DONE - you smashed it! You are an inspiration Mrs T.

    What do you think about starting a FB page to make firemen, flowers and chocolate compulsory at all races?!