Monday, 7 February 2011


Whenever possible I do try to listen to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Jenni Murray’s voice is a signal for me to stop, absorb and take note. One such occasion was whilst I was driving home from the gym, Jenni was chatting to a young woman. Her conversation was engaging and held my interest all the way home, so much so that I continued to sit in the van once I had reached my drive and listened for a further 10 minutes until the interview had finished.
This young woman was Hollie McNish, a poet inspired by hiphop music, grime and sixties’ protest lyrics. At the end of her interview with Jenni she read her poem Ms Nature. WOW, amazing words played out with a grit of East End attitude which didn’t seem threatening but made you listen intently. Well, that’s how it was for me anyway. Poetry, other than my father’s detailed in a previous post, had passed me by at school, I am reckoning that if I had been exposed to Hollie McNish my interest in poetry would have been sparked immediately.
Observer is a favourite of mine – not to everyone’s taste but I guess that is what makes the world goes round! Heat Magazine and Bitch Fights sends out a real message, having worked in the “fashion” industry I get this one – totally.
Here is the link to the Radio 4 programme, check out Hollie’s website if it seems to float your boat:  

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