Monday, 7 February 2011


I did a very BAD thing - I am sharing this with you as a friend! Don't judge me, please!
I got introduced to Oh Comely magazine at the end of last year by Mary, a very creative friend.  it not only looked beautiful but was somewhat different to the magazines that have preceded it. Not so bad you say, well here goes.
As Mr T is an architect and interested in art and the wider aspects of it, I thought he would like a subscription as a Christmas present and before I knew it I was inputting his details to receive it on a monthly basis. I say I was subscribing for him, I feel this is a somewhat misleading statement as I do believe the subscription was based around the fact that I needed to read this and felt that a further indulgence for myself could be masqueraded as a present for Mr T. This link from a blog I follow sums up why you mustn't judge me too harshly!
M is for make: oh comely magazine at M is for make: "Florence mentioned oh comely to me some months ago and I was intrigued as I didn't understand it at all. Then Kerrie showed me an actual co..."

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