Tuesday, 1 February 2011


JT has been getting to grips with one of his many Christmas presents this weekend, namely the Magic Hat Box of Tricks. It contains everything a young, trainee magician could ask for. A top hat, even a rabbit, magic rings and a brightly coloured handkerchief. Thanks mum x
He has mastered the disappearing pencil with some great stage presence, the rabbit in a hat may need a bit more time! Still, great to see him getting excited about entertaining us all and it linked in nicely with The Magicians which is currently running on BBC1 on Saturday evenings. Mr T and JT settled down for the hour long programme and JT loved the bullet in the mouth trick, boy oh boy do I hope we don’t have to practice that one at home anytime soon.
Whilst the boys were settled in front of magic, I made my merry way down the road to a friend’s house for a girlie get together. What a night that turned out to be, chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows and even doughnuts,  washed down with a Rose Prosecco or three.  The end of the evening saw us having organised an 80’s themed evening for Claire’s forthcoming 30th in April, a rather fractious discussion over my flapjacks, more on those later in the blog, and me being hoisted into Katie’s arms – Officer and a Gentleman stylie- whilst we were saying our goodbyes. Not forgetting making Katie cry by presenting her with a small momento of our girlie weekend to Bristol in November last year – what happens in Bristol, stays in Bristol!!!
Whilst on this magical theme, I couldn’t help noticing the new advertising campaign by Brooks Running in the latest issue of Runners World that plopped onto my doormat the other morning. It really reminded me of a great book I read last summer – Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold – a recommendation by Katie and one that I really enjoyed.

Message to self, contact girls re start up of our book club again, I miss it.

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