Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Oh what a night, or should I say nights!! A weekend filled with dancing, apple sourz shots, laughter, great food and catching up with old friends. The things that weekends are made for.
Friday night saw the girls coming over for some drinks before heading into town for yet more drinks and a boogie. We entered the Carriers Inn and immediately I was transported back 17+ years to when I frequented it every weekend and where Mr T and I had many happy memories as spotty and badly dressed teenagers who were having the time of their lives. We even managed to bag the very same spot that we used to “hang out” in, the window sill by the door was always the area that myself and friends would congregate – oh happy memories. Thankfully I believe my dress sense has matured somewhat but unfortunately the drinking seemed to demonstrate that part of me had not. Someone suggested Apple Sourz shots, to which my reply was “Let’s do it!” – oh how I wish that had been retracted, to my knowledge I believe there were 4 shots that past my lips – not big and not very clever I can assure you. Had a wonderful night and certainly felt nearer 17 that night than I did the following morning – less said the better!

Saturday night was another opportunity to socialise, a slightly quieter affair with a meal at Life’s A Beach with friends that we don’t see as often as we would like to. Beautiful Cornish baked crab for starters and a deliciously cooked Bass for main to celebrate Jamie’s 40th. Lovely jubbly. http://www.lifesabeach.info/

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