Saturday, 5 February 2011


Running is a huge part of my life now and with various races planned throughout this year I am always “in training” for a race. Mr T has likened himself to a Runners Widow on many an occasion and weekends seem to throw up all sorts of opportunity for us to master the art of compromise.
Mr T is a keen cyclist and he too is “in training” for some races this year. Bristol bike fest in June and Plymouth 24 hour in July, he is also looking at participating in the Cornwall Tor. Needless to say weekends can become somewhat similar to NATO discussions, whereby we need to decide on what needs doing at home versus both our training needs. Recently I have lucked out on being very much the taker when it comes to training but now that Mr T has his goals in sight and on the calendar, a whole new art of give and take come into play.
I am very much a social runner, I enjoy the company of others, especially Claire and Katie, who make the miles fly by and do everything in my power to ensure I can get the long runs in with either one of them, preferably both, at the weekend. As Katie’s husband is a chef at means her long runs take place when Kit is home, namely Sunday mornings.
This weekend proved to be a time when I had to look at the training programme and realise that I had to do my 13 mile run ALONE on a SATURDAY morning, instead of a Sunday. First, palpitations, then the hot flushes and then I got over my selfishness and started planning my route Mr T had put his foot down and insisted it was HIS turn to cycle on Sunday whilst it was my turn to take the boys swimming, he was right of course and I did the “right thing” and got out of my comfort zone and ran alone, I say alone but my iPod was a very welcome companion on a 2 hour wind swept affair!!
This song sums up my run this morning, the words: we are always running for the thrill of it: were very much needed when I battled up Hobbacott Lane in a 29mph wind that almost made me run backwards! I actually chuckled to myself as I must have looked hysterical, glad no one was there to witness it!
The plus side of giving over of taking , is that I am now at liberty to sample many Prosecco’s and G&T’s at the party tonight, knowing that my long run has been completed and I may be able to suffer a headache in bed instead of on a run.

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