Wednesday, 9 November 2011


There are days that come slapping you in the face with reminders of how lucky you are. Today is one of those days. Awoke in usual semi-grumpy frame of mind not least because I had to forfeit my first run since the 10K last night due to Mr T having a monster pile of work to get done. I'm glad to say the day just got better from there.
Both boys are at their educational centres of choice and I have the day ahead.

My first appointment this morning was with my sister in law for a reflexology treatment. I qualified in reflexology 11 years ago and was working on a part time basis until TJ arrived and we moved. Here I have no "nice space" for me to work from home at the moment and very much offer treatments to friends on a non payment basis. They do have to put up with the chair being placed within the boys playroom (tidied) of course! But I have had no complaints thus far - as if they would dare!

I forget how much practising reflexology chills me out. Even though I am working, it is a very fluid treatment and as I am always using my skills it is second nature to me and I float away into my own little world as well as the person in the chair. I know my sister in law went away very chilled and stress free so I am happy.  The chair sounds a little clinical, it is actually the most wonderful chair in the world. It enhances the feeling of total relaxation as it enables me to tilt the chair and for the feet to be raised. Putting your feet up never felt so good. Sheer bliss.

Part 1 of a chilled out day - achieved.

Part 2 looked a little something like this:

This helped me to gallop along the road to achieve a fast 4 mile run - felt alive and tingly after the run.

Home. Lunch. 6 music on.

As you can see the day looks good so far......

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  1. My family would be ecstatic at semi-grumpy... Love your writing, love the spring in your running step and love the Washed Out song. Thanks Maid In Cornwall! ♥