Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I've been charity shop shopping again!! Returned with arms like an orangutan from finding almost TOO much great stuff. Highlights were a guitar (for my dad) and a dinosaur track with vehicles, dinosaurs, bridges etc for my youngest.
That's what I love about pre-loved items, they get a chance to be loved all over again by us!

In this case my father will undoubtably strum away many an hour whilst he makes his way along the canals and waterways of Britain. My son I will build, dismantle, rebuild and dismantle the dinosaur trail for countless days, with plenty of friends for the next year or two.
The guitar has been well loved by the looks of it but is amazingly in tune. My eldest had his guitar lesson earlier, I asked his teacher to give me his thoughts on my find. He picked it up and made THE MOST AMAZING SOUND with it. I was so pleased, my dad is going to be stoked. Status Quo only used a few chords in the noise songs they produced so my dad will be well on his way soon once he masters those 2 chords!!

To summarise, the girl did good at the shops today.


  1. Good work Maid - the thrill of the rummage is addictive, much like your blog! x

  2. Not very pleased with you Mrs T. tut tut tut. For the record, Status Quo are legends. They may use a limited selection of chords in their music, but Id like to think it is indeed music, and not noise!! Your punishment will come in the form of being made to endure at least 1 status quo track during Music Train sessions with your son before the end of this space m'lady. YOU WILL SUFFER

  3. I guess I will have to accept my punishment, but please, not my son. I couldn't bear it if he thought that was music!!!!

  4. And worse still, he might even enjoy it ;-)