Thursday, 3 November 2011


Myself and Mr T have been looking through the photos of the Exmoor Beast which Mr participated in on Sunday. I am so very proud of him, not least for completing the 100 mile distance, but for all the training he put in from day one.
It all started in the Pyrenees and ended up on Exmoor. Whilst we were travelling through France, he got to ride some amazing Cols and a new level of excitement for his riding was born. He immediately entered himself into the Exmoor Beast on our return and training got underway.

He was shattered on Sunday evening but amazingly refreshed after a good night's sleep, with very few aches or pains. Shows what training does to prepare your mind and body for endurance events.
Here he is:
Mr T

Tonight we have been looking at events that we could both enter, with trepidation on my part I might add!!! Cycling is still not a discipline I am wholeheartedly confident in, since most times I have been out I have managed to fall off, being unable to get my SPD's unclipped in time before my body reached the tarmac! The only answer, training, training and more training.
Looks like we are set on the Lands End 100 in October 2012, my distance being 100km, Mr will be doing the 100 mile route. Sounds like an amazing route as far as reviews go. Entry opens on 3rd Jan 2012 so have popped it in the diary to ensure I enter.
Here's to staying on the bike...........

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