Monday, 9 May 2011


This past week I have indulged in a long lunch and afternoon tea at Trelawny tearooms, both I hasten to add on different days. Vicky and Steve have converted their home to incorporate this wonderfully positioned oasis of cake heaven. It sits right opposite the beach at Widemouth Bay and is perfect for a light lunch or tea and cake whilst making the most of the proximity to the beach, no more sandy sandwiches yipppeeee!!!!
Avril and myself visited on Thursday for lunch which was just lovely, no children, just a chance to catch up on all the news. Avril did all the branding  for Steve and Vicky and it looks gorgeous. They serve tea in china cups and saucers, have a very beautiful cake trolley with the most divine glass cake stands on and to top it all they are filled with some delicious homemade cakes which only leaves one problem.....which cake to choose!!
For lunch I went for the French platter, the first thing that struck me was the price £4.95 for a platter – hang on a minute, shouldn’t that read £7.95? Avril went for the Lady Tea ( a cream tea) and I have to say I was surprised at the prices. After speaking to Steve and Vicky about the prices, they had already had comments along the lines of “these are 1979 prices!”  Their aim is to ensure that they get many repeat visits from locals and tourists alike, with these prices I will be shutting my kitchen and spending lunches and afternoons with them!!! Not sure how the waistline would cope with that but I could try couldn’t I??
The second visit was with my sister and her little ones and my two so a very different visit, all the same a big thumbs up from all of us. The children went home with chocolate covered mouths (and clothes!) after having had a wonderful run on the beach. They even offer blankets for you to make use of, which we did. The children had a picnic within the garden and I was able to enjoy a Lady tea as I had salivated over Avril’s on the Thursday!!!
A very food inspired week, what better way to fill a week I say! That just leaves me wondering how many extra miles I will need to run to run off that Lady tea but hey I don’t do this every week, or will I??!!

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