Friday, 20 May 2011


I have been procrastinating when it comes to sewing recently as there never seems to be enough time to just sit and start a project, let alone finish one. Last weekend was a rare occurrence but one that filled me with joy and when Mr T commented in a positive way I knew the girl had done good!! I love getting a lovely bit of fabric and working it into something I am proud of and that will adorn a corner of my home or someone else’s.
I was inspired by my recent visit to Rosemoor Gardens Craft Fair near Torrington, where was exhibiting her wonderful crafts, making me want to shut myself away in my room to explore the stacks of fabric I have accumulated. Last weekend I spent an hour at my much neglected and has to be said dusty machine - I know I should make a cover for it, that is project number 2!!!

Gorgeous fabric!

Trusted if somewhat dusty friend

This wonderfully vintage fabric was picked up in a charity shop well over 6 months ago.  In it’s previous life it was a set of curtains, but I had other plans for it!  It has now been re-worked and is going to be winging it’s way to a lovely little someone, sometime soon as there are what seems to be an influx of birthday’s in June. I will not show you the finished piece as it may be viewed by people who are going to be receiving, hence the photo of just the fabric itself, but what a fine piece of fabric it is!!
Not only is it Mr T’s and JT’s birthday’s, my father, my niece, my brother in law, many friend’s at the boys school and pre school have birthday’s as well as it being Father’s Day in amongst that lot. In order to keep ahead of the game, I was able to spend some time at the machine last weekend to check one present off the list – phew!  


  1. Hello you. Just wanted to say how fantastic I think Ol's cushion is. Very, very cute. Am getting an urge to attempt to sew some clothing for myself - do you fancy a wine and wonky dress making evening sometime? Probably not the best combination I know but, it would be silly to pass up opportunity of having a drink!

  2. Maid In Cornwall7 June 2011 at 13:12

    Ahh thanks Mary, I really enjoyed making it as had the fabric for some time and was too nervous to start it!! Would love to attempt a dress making evening (with wine) although I am such a novice but would love to learn from the pro's.
    You are welcome here if that works for you, will email you re dates? x

  3. Just looked in on Ol and she's snuggled up on her beautiful cushion under the covers. Thank you so much for such a lovely, thoughtful present. She loves it! I love it too, would it be so wrong to make it mine??!! xxx