Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I just feel I need to rant and my blog is the outlet I am using, sorry folks...........but this seems to be a crazy world. Within the last hour I have had to stop my ears from steaming and my head from exploding with sheer exasperation at this nanny state we live in, and then I saw something on facebook which makes me believe we will be ok, as there are people like Jack Henderson in the world.
To elaborate further: I visited our local library after our local Music Train class finished with TJ, only to find a notice that informs me we have no longer got 5 spaces in which we can park our vehicles outside for free in order to make use of the library facilities. Pay and Display duly visited. Once in the library I met up with a parent who was also enjoying library time with his daughter, who happened to want to do some colouring – coloured pencils and printed drawings are provided on a table purely for this purpose. Unfortunately all the pencils were blunt and needed sharpening, therefore the father went to acquire a pencil sharpener from one of the library staff to which he was told there was none. He then enquired at the prospect of using the scissors that were on the top of the table by the assistant, to which he was told he “must not touch the scissors” and certainly could not use them for sharpening a pencil!! At this point my ears pricked up and I had to pinch myself to remember that she was talking to an adult, a fully responsible adult who’s only need within the library was to get some pencil’s sharpened in order for his daughter to do some colouring. I giggled at his response: “I am a fully competent pencil sharpener and I could even sign a disclaimer if that would help!” To which he was told that the assistant “could not help him.”
At this point I wondered what the father would do – he went back to his daughter who must have been around 3 years old to tell her that daddy would only be a short while and she was to stay sitting at the colouring table ( not colouring due to lack of sharpened pencils) until he returned. He then LEFT THE BUILDING in order to go to the adjacent building ( a tea room) to acquire what I presume to be a tool in which he could sharpen said pencils!! And there endeth the story – instead of being able to use the scissors safely within the library, he had to leave his daughter ALONE in order to provide her with the sharpened pencils provided by the library. Now if that is not health and safety gone mad then I don’t know what is. Ahhhhh.
Still slightly perturbed by the library experience earlier I logged in to facebook upon my return home and came across a most wonderful page: Jack draws anything.
His facebook page tells us that he draws *anything* to raise funds for the Sick Kids, just ask me. My brother goes in a lot. My name is JACK and I am 6 years old. Take a look at his website http://jackdrawsanything.com/  it will make you forget about all the bureaucratic nonsense that is happening around us, if only for a short while. I reckon whilst there are people like Jack and his family in this world, we can still feel like we have humanity on our side and not become robots within an excessively protected de -humanised environment. Jack, I salute you.

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