Saturday, 10 December 2011


You know when you have a plan and you get underway to accomplishing what you intended? It feels right and good. Then suddenly this little devil on your shoulder tells you to abandon all those plans to take yourself back home and miss that run this morning. Welcome to my morning.
Instead of running straight from home this morning I decided to mix it up abit and drive a short way into Bude to start my run, taking in the canal, coast path, beach and country roads. I had been getting somewhat tired of the same routes of late and needed the change as my mileage is increasing and I needed that extra motivation as my Mrs Motivator was not along for the ride today
No longer than 5 mins into my drive in did the devil start it's pestering. It started to rain and that gave it ammunition to work on. I very nearly turned the van around to make my way home. I then remembered where this was all going to lead me - to the marathon that I so desperately needed to get under my belt and to how I really wanted to challenge myself to get there. Also to those who believed in me and to those that I wanted to raise money for, I owed it not only to myself but to all those not to give up today.

Now to get the record straight I don't normally get this problem, once dressed and route planned I never deviate, so today's little blip was most disconcerting. Got to my destination and started out, felt good, met various other runners around the first 3 miles along the canal, a great flat route to start to proceedings, then a climb into Upton to take me onto the coast path over to the Pepper Pot. The tide was out this morning enabling me to run across the beach ( amazingly good for those core muscles), up the steps by the sea pool, then across to meet Maer Lane.
At this point I was feeling good, then like a bolt out of the blue that little devil appeared and decided that I should cut my run short - what the.....? I took myself off for a few minutes, had to have a little word with myself. My plan was to get 9 miles in and that was what I was going to complete.
With that little episode dealt with, off I went. The rest of the run was completed with no interruptions and was sheer joy. Saw several club members out and about enjoying the dry, crisp morning. Saw my sister and my niece leaving the swimming pool, stopped for a quick chat before descending a wonderful hill where I let me legs just go as fast as they wanted - weeeeeeeeee!!!!! Think Phoebe from friends style!!!

Back home and feeling great but wondering why the interruptions this morning? There are no reasons to explain them as I want to do this and am enjoying having a long term plan to work towards. I guess it is all part of challenging me to listen to my body and not always my head. My body really WANTED this run and it seems my mind was not in the same place this morning. Has anyone else suffered this imbalance of the physical and the psychological?
Lets hope that's the last I see of that devil for a while anyway.

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