Friday, 17 June 2011


Not quite up to the minute but ......newsflash........Website address is I realised yesterday, when  mother asked how the website was going ( she is a follower of Maid in Cornwall), that I hadn’t updated the blog with regards to the website having going LIVE!!!
Take a peek, hope you like it, then tell all your friends who want to visit Bude to stay there!! Been busy titivating the house after the last visitors, there is not much to do, had the carpets cleaned yesterday so feeling nice and fresh. Really want to update the children’s bunk room with some cushions as I have managed to acquire some lovely fabric that would look great in there. All in good time I think!
Am now responsible for getting the SEO for the website monitored and to try to elevate our position in the Google searches, am quite enjoying keeping the website updated and am so pleased with the way it is looking. Not my comfort area – technology- but I am learning bit by bit and have to say it is a minefield of information.
Another area where I struggle at the moment is shopping, I know, strange for someone who’s wardrobe resembled Gap’s latest collection and most of the high street alongside it some years back. These day’s I find clothes shopping a testing activity where I get bamboozled by the array of choices offered, I’m sure that’s why I love charity shop rummaging as there is a limit to what you are offered.
Yesterday was D day for getting my ball dress for next week’s Hartland Ball.  I started with the North Devon Hospice Occasion Wear shop in Barnstaple, thanks to a “tip off” from unfortunately I didn’t find what I was looking for there, beautiful cocktail dresses but not full length ball dresses which was the order of the day. Next stop, Monsoon. Katie came with me and it was good to get a second opinion on the dresses, I know what suits me now and am no longer disillusioned into thinking I can wear the styles that I can’t but it is always nice to have a second opinion when you are searching for that special dress. After only 2 dresses I had found “the one!” Feels lovely to wear, very simple (always good with me) and tastefully accessorised by the lovely lady in Monsoon I am kitted out for next week. Within an hour and a half of arriving in Barnstaple we were sitting in Pizza Express eating lunch with Katie’s mum, mission accomplished!! Food is a great motivator for many things I do in life, shopping is no exception!!
Looking forward to getting dressed up for a wonderful night out, for a wonderful cause.

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  1. You and I need to get together without children and you can give me some tips on monitoring the SEO for Deans website as this looks like it has fallen at my door!! I never knew you were such an expert ;-) xx