Thursday, 16 June 2011


Quite profoundly taken aback by how emotional I was feeling on Tuesday as my “big boy” turned 7. For some reason this changing of years from 6 to 7 seems like a huge leap, mainly for me. My sense of pride when I saw him come into our room at 6.30am to open his presents was magnified this year, his sheer joy at opening his presents whilst saying “ah thanks” for each one opened. I loved it when he said “you remembered when I said I liked that, thank you” made my heart just fill with deep love for this lovely boy.
I remember so vividly my pregnancy, birth and first moments with my eldest son. The pregnancy was an anxious one for us as we had to say goodbye to little Emily at 20 weeks gestation, 18 months previously. Due to being hospitalised during and after Emily’s birth, I was adamant that I wanted a home birth for this child, luckily the midwives in Bude were very pro home births and were well versed in home birth procedures and I had much faith in my midwife, Chris Edwards.
A 20 week scan unfortunately showed 2 anomalies at JT’s scan and I was sent to Bristol for further scanning, unfortunately this is what happened with Emily, as you can imagine I was an emotional wreck until we had some good news that they would monitor the cyst and his kidney development and would hope that it would rectify itself by the 30 week scan I was booked in for. Still, a tense 10 weeks past before we had the all clear and I knew that my baby was in the clear – phew!
I remember the home birth with happy memories, was a very warm day and I spent some time in the bath with the window open listening to the voices of people and life going by, little snap shots of that day stick with me. Mr T was there for me as and when I needed / wanted him, at times I just wanted to be alone and others just with Chris (my midwife).
Eventually after 14 hours, my little man arrived, delivered in the bathroom, which to this day causes much laughter with JT as he was almost born on the toilet!!
JT - 1 day old x

Just made me realise how lucky I am to have my two healthy boys and am privileged to be able to be part of watching these lives develop and have learnt so much from becoming a mother,  that I count my blessings a little more today.

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  1. What a wonderful big boy you have - and little one come to mention it! You are an amazing Mum MaidInCornwall, they are a credit to you. xx