Thursday, 28 April 2011


and suddenly everything is right!! Or so Paolo Nutini seems to believe.
It starts with achy feet, now my shins are starting to feel uncomfortable, these are signs for me that my running shoes are in need of an update. Hastily ( basically, the only day for the last 3 weeks that I have been childless for more than a couple of hours) I went a knocking on the door of Gary at Launceston Sports to acquire said “new shoes”.
Now this is certainly not a hasty process as Gary is remarkably thorough when advising on new running shoes and I believe today I had tried on about 6 different pairs before coming across the CHOSEN ONE, or two actually, don’t tell Mr T!!! Each pair that feels good on gets tested on the treadmill to see how the running feels and to be perfectly honest I am as excited as a kid in a sweet shop about my new purchases J I even managed to come away with a swag of freebies as the SIS (Science In Sport) rep was in at the time of my purchase, as I was purchasing his competitor’s ( highfive) nutritional tablets he felt the need to offer his gels and sports drinks to entice me to the other side. It may well work I will wait and see when I next use them!!
My running has changed within the last year and my aim at the moment with regards to training is to start upping the pace and taking times of my PB’s. This cannot be done without the help of my very reliable friend my Garmin and a Runners World Garmin ready training schedule. Within my training I have a speed work session and a tempo run to endure enjoy, which in turn has helped to make my natural running pace one that I am pleased with, which I now hope to build upon over the next few months.
The beauty of running is that you do really only need a couple of things to get you going and that is a good sports bra and a pair of trainers that work with your natural running gait et voila you are set and ready to go. I now have a race pair – Mizuno Precision and a cushioned pair – Mizuno Wave Rider. It is not goodbye to my tried and tested Brooks Ghost 3’s, just farewell my friends, may see you for a coast walk or a stint in the garden some time soon!

Seen better days!

My visions of Beauty!

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