Thursday, 4 August 2011


Wow and don’t I know it. The boys are like whirlwinds at the moment wanting entertainment every waking minute of every waking day!! Just changing into my wonder woman outfit as I type, cook tea and mop the floor!!! Here comes the school holidays with a vengeance.
Remarkably though, the weather has played ball this year and allowed us an almost perfect 2 weeks of weather so far. Composed of some really great warm beach days, with less sunny, dry days where we can still get out and about. We are breaking with our usual course of action for the holiday’s and instead of saying “we will go camping further into Cornwall this year” only to find we get just 2 day’s of weather in which Mr T and I wish to camp in, by that I mean, no hail, blustering winds or temperatures that suit autumn more than summer. This year we are taking leave of our senses and travelling through France, in our van with both the boys!!!
It has been many months in the planning as we are meeting my sister and her family there 2 day’s after we arrive. Their experience last year encouraged us to jump on their band wagon and get those Vdub wheels a turning down those autoroutes of France. Am taking nearly all but the kitchen sink as it is an extended trip due to take us from the tips of Roscoff right through France into Spain. Sometimes I have wondered why I would swop my lovely open plan,spacious home in Cornwall to eat, sleep and travel within the confines of a SWB VW T5 converted van, then I look back at my sister’s photos of her trip last year and it reaffirms why. The boys adore their cousins and I feel myself slowly relax into a more sedate way of life whilst camping, children laughing, bottles of wine being uncorked, brie being spread over copious amounts of French bread, yes I think I’m ready for my adventure now!
Saying that we have not shirked our daily outings thus far here in lovely Cornwall. Many day’s have been spent on or near the beach, around Tamar Lakes with friends, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the cinema, picnicking with friends and watching my eldest make all the names of his favourite characters from HP out of Lego.
Hermione - can you see it?

Harry - yes you're getting it now

Et voila - Ron

I have also enjoyed a treat of my own so far this summer by attending Leopallooza again this year, this time for the weekend and not just the Sunday sessions. What an amazingly festival this is, not only are we a stone’s throw away but the line up for the whole festival was explosive. They even improved on last year with the addition of a dance tent and from what I remember of last year’s there was more variety in the catering available as well ( always something to consider in my book!). Avril and I rocked up on Saturday just in time to see the Crowns play, a Cornish band who Avril had seen whilst at the Eden Sessions earlier this summer. Man Like Me were amazing as was the jaw dropping Le Shark, who caught many an eye including that of  .Our rug was strategically placed so that we could take in the main stage whilst being well positioned to peruse the rest of the site. This is what makes it so very lovely, it is still a relatively small festival,with many folk being those you see walking in the town or serving you in the local Fat Face store. Small but perfectly formed would be how I would describe it. I will be back for more in 2012 and I will probably even camp!
This one's for Katie - Le Shark

The field at night - *sigh*

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